The Crown King Fire District will enter Stage 1 fire restrictions on Thursday June 6th at 8am. Stage 1 restrictions for the CKFD mirror the Prescott National Forest restrictions. More information can be found here. Call Mayer FD at 928-632-9534 with any additional questions. In addition-Prescott National Forest will begin STAGE 1 fire restrictions on…

  • CKFD to Perform Controlled Burns

    Beginning the morning of Sunday December 3rd, residents and guests should expect to see significant SMOKE originating from the slopes of the eastern side of town (below Flag Mountain).Crews and volunteers from CKFD will be doing a prescribed burn of the brush piles along a fire break. The break was created to protect the town…

  • Crown King Town Hall

  • CKFD Board Meeting Video

    Videos of the Crown King Fire District Board meetings are stored on a YouTube channel. Longer meetings are broken down into multiple links. Not all meetings will be videotaped. Meeting minutes can be received by contacting Chief Smith: [email protected] Choose which meeting to view by selecting a link below:

  • Crown King Road Work

    The current work being preformed by the County is part of a Forest Service grant program that was awarded to the County. The grant application identified a project installing plating material at 8 locations in need of road surface material on Crown King Rd.. These locations are MP19, MP19.2, MP23.4, MP24, MP24.1, MP 24.3, MP26.1,…

  • New Station ID

    There are new identification decals on the CKFD fire apparatus. The station on Main Street, formerly known as station 1, is now Station 28.

  • Congressman Eli Crane Meets CKFD

    Below is an excerpt from the Arizona Central article. The full article can be found here. Voters from across Arizona’s massive 2nd Congressional District crowded a small office near the famous courthouse square in Prescott to shake hands and take pictures with their new representative in Congress, Rep. Eli Crane. Crane, R-Ariz., is just months…

  • Bridge Traffic Meters

    Traffic meters will be applied near the town bridge. These meters are placed by Yavapai county public works in order to gauge the amount of traffic into and out of Crown King. Accurate traffic counts will validate numbers for more grant and road funding allocations in the Crown King area.

  • PNF Lease Agreement

    Information regarding the Prescott National Forest lease agreement – coming soon!