Burn Permits

Burn permits are required in Yavapai County. A new site has been setup to easily create a permit. Once created, a user can either log on to activate/ deactivate or call 855-441-1001. The phone option only works once a permit has been created.

There is no charge for a permit and they are good for the calendar year. A permit must be renewed each year.

Permits are required to burn brush, bonfires or use of a fire-pit. A permit is not required for outdoor cooking or resident heating sources.

Permission to conduct open burning is granted by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) subject to the following conditions:

You are not to burn the following types of materials:
All plastic materials, waste petroleum products, poison oak/ivy/sumac, oleander, asbestos, polyester, thermal insulation, tires, electrical wire insulation, batteries, aerosol spray cans, hazardous material containers or waste products, tar paper, flammable liquids, antifreeze, explosives, ammunition, or asphalt shingles. You can only burn between an hour after sunrise and two hours before sunset. Your burn pile/pit/barrel must be at least 50 ft from any structure. You may start your burn using matches, flares, or hand-held torches fueled by LPG such as propane or butane. You may not start your fire with items that cause black smoke, such as tires, tar paper, oil, gasoline, or diesel.

To reduce emissions, be sure to minimize material to be burned, allow the material to dry before burning, minimize soil content in slash piles, extinguish smoldering burns, and burn before litter falls or prior to precipitation. You must notify the local fire department prior to each open burning; you may be prohibited from open burning during periods of smoke dispersion, excessive visibility impairment, or extreme fire danger. Other factors that may prohibit burning include NWS air stagnation advisories, air pollution emergencies, adverse wind conditions, public nuisance concerns, or safety risks.

You must be present at all times during open burning until the fire is completely extinguished.
You must have access to fire control materials if needed to put out the fire.

Permits do not relieve you from liability from resulting damages or obligation to comply with other applicable laws/regulations/ordinances. It is unlawful for any person, without lawful authority, to intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence to set or cause to be set on fire any wildland other than the person’s own or to permit a fire that was set or caused to be set by the person to pass from the person’s own grounds to the grounds of another person.

Call the station each time you plan to burn. Why?

Do you want the Crown King Fire Department bringing an engine with lights and sirens to your home? Good neighbors call in smoke for our community and may not realize you are legally burning.

The Crown King Fire Department is required to report burning activities every year to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. If burns occur during active fire restrictions, severe penalties can be imposed.

As a courtesy to the community, give us a call on the non-emergency number so we know to expect the smoke.